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Creating a Wine and Cheese Menu for Your Guests

Fine Wines

One of the best ways to promote your restaurant’s new wine menu is to throw a wine and cheese party. By inviting guests, creating an exclusive atmosphere and offering a selection of fine cheeses paired with your new wines, you can introduce your clientele to your restaurant’s wine menu while also building some hype to draw in new customers. In this post, we’d like to make a few suggestions to help you create the best possible wine and cheese pairings.

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Stay Comfortable with Fine Wines from Vintage Wine Company on a Cold and Rainy Day

Fine Wine

It's official: summer is here! But, we're not yet getting a reprieve from dreary, rainy weather. When the rain starts falling, and the windows start clouding with atmospheric moisture, there's only one way to while away a lazy evening: with good company and fine wine. But, when the mood strikes, what wines should you have on hand? What are the best rainy day wines? In today's post, we're going to take a look at a handful of possibilities and, more importantly, how to best enjoy them.

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Get Your Restaurant Wine Menu in Order for Spring with Help from Vintage Wine Company

Restaurant Wine Menu

With spring on its way, owners across the state are starting to plan their restaurant wine menus. Whether you’re a small, casual bistro; a large, extravagant eatery; or anything in between, it’s essential that you create a menu that pairs well with your food and – more importantly – appeals to your guests’ tastes. As spring is a time for fresh foods – wild game, fresh-caught fish, and local vegetables – it’s the season of light, acidic wines and sweet, aromatic wines. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at a few wines that will pair perfectly with your new spring menu.

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Settle In, Warm Up, and Relax with Winter Wines from Vintage Wine Company

Winter Wines

This week, the first real cold snap finally hit Southwest Michigan and – all across the region – people are looking to warm up with delicious winter wines. What’s more relaxing than an evening indoors, positioned beside a crackling fireplace with a glass of wine in hand? But, what are the best options for winter? What kinds of wines complement falling snow, icy roads, and sub-zero temperatures? In today’s post, we’re going to look at a handful of fine wines that are sure to help you kick back, relax, and enjoy your evening in.

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Celebrate the Holidays with Fine Wines from the Leading Michigan Wine Distributor

Michigan Wine Distributor

With a slew of holidays just around the corner, people across Michigan are shopping for good, celebratory wines to share with friends and family. As the premier Michigan wine distributor, Vintage Wine Company offers an unparalleled selection of fine wines, from Antigal Uno to Zonin. Whether you’re looking to stock your shop or restaurant with popular choices or you’re just getting ideas for your own personal celebrations, you can be confident that we carry the wines that you need to create a fun, memorable event. In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at our recommendations for the coming holidays.

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Play to Your Menu’s Strengths with the Addition of Quality Wines

Quality Wine

When assembling your restaurant’s menu, it’s essential that you think of the all the details, including the addition of quality wines. A night out is intended to be an event: a memorable time spent with friends and family. We gather together at a table, order appetizers, consider main courses, have meaningful conversations, and – often – enjoy a glass of fine wine. In many cases, wines drive the dialogue. We share stories about why we’ve chosen particular wines or relay memories of previous experiences. Wine creates conversation and, because of this, careful thought must be given to suggested pairings.

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Summer Is Almost Over, and It’s Time to break out the Fall Wines

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At Vintage Wine Company, we strive to provide our customers access to the highest quality selection of wines. Our selection of wines is local, national, and international. Whether you prefer velvety reds, dessert wines, or a delicate wine, we guarantee we can help you select the perfect wine to suit you on a cold, fall day. In today’s post, we are going to discuss how to enjoy these types of wine in the fall.

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A Quick Look at Excellent Wine Pairings for Michigan’s Most Popular Wild Game

Wine Pairings

With summer’s heat at full intensity, it’s the time of year where Michigan’s hunters begin looking forward to the various hunting seasons. But, after it’s all said and done, what’s the best way to present your catches? What are the best wine pairings for the state’s more popular meats like deer, rabbit, and bluegill? In today’s post, we’re going to take a look at a few popular game meats and – hopefully – point you in the right direction when it comes to wine pairing.

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Spring is Coming… is Your Restaurant Wine Menu Ready?

Restaurant Wine Menu

With hearty winter dishes on their way out, it’s time to prepare your restaurant wine menu for the fresh, local ingredients that spring offers. Spring is the season of fresh-grown herbs, locally-sourced vegetables, and farm-to-table meals... your wine offerings should be updated to reflect these ingredients and – more importantly – to complement them. The lightness of spring meals demands a lighter wine, including more acidic and sweeter options that pair well with fish, salads, and poultry. In today’s post, we’re going to cover a few popular wines that will complement – and enhance – your restaurant’s spring menu.

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Waiting out Winter with Fine Wines from Vintage Wine Company

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After a brief reprieve, winter is back and, with it, the demand for warm, fine wines suited to the cold weather. There’s just something soothing about ending the day by reclining next to the fireplace, at the dinner table, or on the couch with a delicious, relaxing glass of wine while watching the snow fall outside. Whether you’re a dabbler or a connoisseur, you can be confident that Vintage Wine Company stocks and distributes a vast selection of wines that you – and your clients – will love. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a handful of winter wines that will help you stay warm – and relaxed – during this cold, blustery winter season.

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