A Closer Look at Sonoma Estate Vintners

Sonoma Estate Vintners

Originally founded in 1979 in Northern California, Sonoma Estate Vintners is a leading provider of contract bottle services and custom private label wines. From their production facility, a sprawling, lavish estate located in the Valley of the Moon in Santa Rosa, the vintner prides itself on unparalleled customer service and a team of skilled, knowledgeable winemakers.

Any business – small or large – looking to expand their wine menu or provide premium wines from an experienced vintner would do well to investigate all of Sonoma Estate’s offerings. Vintage Wine Company is proud to be Michigan’s top distributor of Sonoma Estate’s most popular wines: The Archivist and Coastline Reserve Cabernet.

As one Sonoma’s flagship wines, the Archivist is a bold, intriguing Cabernet Sauvignon with hints of cherry, strawberry, black raspberry and vanilla. With its unique blend of rich fruit flavors combined with the subtle bitterness of its tannins, the Archivist is a luscious, affordable addition to any restaurant wine menu.

Particularly well-suited to being paired with hearty, savory dishes, the Archivist would be an excellent addition to the wine menu of restaurants serving rich pork, lamb, venison or beef dishes. Whether it’s being paired with braised short ribs or grilled steak, Cabernet Sauvignon perfectly complements the earthy, gamey flavors of most red – and many white – meats. More importantly, the Archivist’s fruity tones help to refresh the palate during the course of your guest’s meal.

At Vintage Wine Company, we offer over 300 wines to outlets, restaurants and markets throughout Michigan and the Metro Detroit area. With our massive selection, commitment to customer service and a dedicated fleet of trucks delivering on time, every time, our local clients have learned that they can rely on us for all of their business’ wine requirements. If you’re looking for a trustworthy, experienced partner to help you build a wine menu or expand upon your current wine menu, call us today to learn how we can help.

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