Add Some International Flair to Your Menu with Hakushika Sake

Restaurant Wine Menu

From time to time, restaurants look to expand their horizons. Crossing borders – even oceans – to find flavorful, exciting new additions to their menu, they seek out rare spices, prized cuts of meat and other delectable ingredients. In such cases, a fitting accompaniment must be discovered: a suitable wine menu must be crafted so that the restaurant’s patrons can experience a complete, complex and deeply rewarding meal. At Vintage Wine Company, we offer an assortment of unique pairings, from our award-winning cocktail mixes and sangria to a vast assortment of red, white and dessert wines. Among these offerings, we have recently added Hakushika Sake.

What is sake?

Sake, a Japanese rice wine, is a subtle, mysterious alcoholic beverage of uncertain origin. Predating recorded history, sake is available in a range of types. Whether you’re interested in a smooth finish, a fragrant aroma, a rich bouquet, or a sweet flavor, Hakushika Sake is certain to deliver. Perfect for pairing with Asian dishes, sake can also be a wonderful accompaniment to rich, heavily-spiced dishes. More importantly, offering sake on your restaurant wine menu helps to create a memorable experience. Restaurant patrons often remember “firsts” and, by offering sake, you afford them the opportunity to partake in a new first.

At Vintage Wine Company, we have over 30 sales representatives serving outlets throughout Michigan. With over 300 wines ready to ship – and a number of unique, special offerings – we are one of the state’s leading providers of wine and beverages. If you’ve been looking for a trusted vendor that will work with you to craft a compelling, memorable wine menu, we encourage you to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you and, more than that, we’d love to help you make an impression with your guests!

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