Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with ChocoVine, a Premium Dutch Chocolate Wine

Restaurant Wine Menu

After a great meal – or a long night – many diners want to cap the evening off with a sweet finish. That’s the whole reason we have dessert menus, right? So why not, alongside your dessert offerings, include a delicious, sweet drink that will satisfy that same craving? Luckily, Vintage Wine Company has just the thing that you need!

ChocoVine is a premium chocolate wine that boasts, “the taste of Dutch chocolate and fine red wine.” Variously described as “chocolate milk for adults” and “a great bedtime drink,” ChocoVine hails from Holland, is 14% alcohol by volume and a rich, thick texture. Aiming to differentiate itself from similar drinks, such as Bailey’s, ChocoVine is a more relaxed, less commanding drink. As a way to wrap up the evening – especially in combination with the items on your dessert menu – it is, simply put, a real contender.

Capable of holding its own next to other offerings on your restaurant wine menu, ChocoVine’s distinct flavor also pairs excellently with rich, hearty dishes. Perfectly at home alongside a flourless chocolate cake, ChocoVine also wonderfully complements steak, game and potato-based dishes. This versatility allows you to recommend it to customers ordering a wide range of dishes, with a wide range of tastes.

At Vintage Wine Company, we have a massive stock of quality wines. With over three hundred products on offer, we are Michigan’s best wine distributor and have earned a reputation for our dedicated service. Whether you’re looking for traditional cocktail mixes, a selection of the globe’s finest wines or anything in between, we’re confident that we have the items that you need to make your wine menu a hit. If you’d like to explore your options and expand your customers’ options, reach out to us today to discuss how we can help!

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