With Summer Barbecues in Full Swing, Learn How to Pair Wine and Grilled Foods

Wine Pairing

It’s that time of year! We’ve wheeled our grills out of the garage or – if you’re running a restaurant – fired up the line in preparation for some delicious, savory barbecued foods. An American tradition, barbecued foods have become a mainstay during the summer. From baby back ribs and pulled pork to bratwurst and hotdogs, there’s an entire culinary world inside every grill. But, when dusk falls and the grills are smoking, what are the best wine pairings for grilled foods? What is the best way to complement barbecued meats? What wines will best highlight your amazing grilling abilities while also leaving your guests refreshed and satisfied? In today’s post, we’re going to offer up a couple of great summer wine pairing tips for all of the most popular grilled foods.

Steaks and burgers

If you really want to amp up the flavors of your steaks and burgers, Malbec wine – a robust, deeply fruit-flavored wine with a smoky finish – is the way to go. Relatively inexpensive when compared to wines of a similar caliber, it perfectly complements the rich, earthy flavors of grilled red meats.


For a more elegant meal, consider serving your chicken dishes with sparkling wine. The fizzy, bright flavors elevate the chicken without drowning out its natural flavor. While it can be difficult to find the perfect wine pairing for chicken, as it is often so subtly flavored, sparkling wine is a great option due to the wide range of varieties that it is available in.

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