Summer Is Almost Over, and It’s Time to break out the Fall Wines

Wine Distributor

At Vintage Wine Company, we strive to provide our customers access to the highest quality selection of wines. Our selection of wines is local, national, and international. Whether you prefer velvety reds, dessert wines, or a delicate wine, we guarantee we can help you select the perfect wine to suit you on a cold, fall day. In today’s post, we are going to discuss how to enjoy these types of wine in the fall.

Warming up by the fireplace

When the cold temperatures start, it is a sure signal that it’s time to get your fireplace roaring. Whether you’re sitting by the fireplace just to relax, or sitting there to warm up, a nice glass of Pinot Noir pairs perfectly with a warm blanket and a good movie.

With a fancy dinner

When fall starts, a cold glass of dry, white Chardonnay is the perfect complement to a date night with you and your significant other. Whether you’re dining in with a rich pot of chili, or dining out on fresh soup and salad, we guarantee you will enjoy a Chardonnay with your meal.

Last call for dessert

When dinner is over but you still want a glass of wine to end the night, a bubbly glass of Champagne is the wine for you. This is a great pairing when it comes to chocolate cakes, ice cream, pie, whatever your sweet tooth desires that is on a menu, or simply just a dessert after dinner at home.

At Vintage Wine Company, we work continuously to be the leading wine distributor in Michigan. With our extensive selection of delicious wines, our customers are offered access to many different types and varieties. If you have been searching for a distributor that will work with you to provide the best communication, as well as the best options available, please contact us today for more information.

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