Play to Your Menu’s Strengths with the Addition of Quality Wines

Quality Wine

When assembling your restaurant’s menu, it’s essential that you think of the all the details, including the addition of quality wines. A night out is intended to be an event: a memorable time spent with friends and family. We gather together at a table, order appetizers, consider main courses, have meaningful conversations, and – often – enjoy a glass of fine wine. In many cases, wines drive the dialogue. We share stories about why we’ve chosen particular wines or relay memories of previous experiences. Wine creates conversation and, because of this, careful thought must be given to suggested pairings. In this post, we’re going to discuss how you can play to your menu’s strengths – and create memorable dialogues – by including high-quality wines on your menu.

Appetizer pairings

The best pairing for early dishes – including appetizers and salads – is an acidic, chilled wine. Whether your patrons select Champagne, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc or Prosecco, you can be confident that the tart (or sweet), notes of these wines will work perfectly with your restaurant’s opening courses.

Main course pairings

Depending on the dishes you offer, it can be more challenging to find the ideal quality wine. If you’re offering rich, hearty meals like game, stews, or steaks, you’ll definitely want a bold red wine. If you’re offering more delicate dishes – fish, for example – you’ll want to find a delicious, dry white wine.

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