While We’re All Waiting for Spring, Start Planning Your Restaurant Wine Menu

Restaurant Wine Menu

After a brief reprieve, cold weather is rolling back in and it’s clear that spring is still a few weeks away. While that means you can’t count on dining outdoors for the time being, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning your restaurant wine menu. A season of fresh foods and light meals, spring demands lighter, more acidic wines and sweet, aromatic wines. In today’s post, we’re going take a look at a handful of wines that are certain to pair wonderfully with your restaurant’s spring menu.

Pinot Noir

A great opener, Pinot Noir wines – especially young varieties – pair amazingly with fresh salads and fruits. With spring being the season of fresh fruits, greens, and vegetables, a quality Pinot Noir is essential to the success of any wine menu.


With spring being the season of fresh-caught fish, it’s no surprise that Riesling – a sweet, acidic, and fruity wine – is an ideal partner to many spring dishes. With a wide variety of Rieslings available, from tart to bitter, we’re confident that we can help you find one that will fit perfectly on your restaurant wine menu.


To close the meal, we recommend Prosecco, a sparkling wine with deep, fruity flavors that pairs well with a number of desserts. Also a great way to open the meal, a sweet, tasty Prosecco can be thought of as a way to bookend a delicious, filling meal.

At Vintage Wine Company, we strive to help our clients fill their wine menus with the absolute best wines available. Whether you’re looking for rich reds, dry whites, or delicate roses, we’re certain that we can work with you to make an impact on your restaurant wine menu. If you’ve been searching for a distributor of the best wines on the market, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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