How to Pair Your Favorite Wine and Food

Pairing wine and food

Vintage Wine Company celebrates a massive inventory of international wines and, as much as we love a good wine, we know that wines are at their best when paired with amazing food. Throughout history, it’s been a known fact that certain wines pair wonderfully with specific foods. But, how can the average person be expected to know what works best with fatty fish? Or rich cheese? Or barbecue? Today, we’re going to look at a few common dishes and give you some general advice on how to best pair them with your favorite wines.

Dry Rose with rich cheeses

With its nearly infinite number of variations, cheese dishes are among the hardest dishes to pair with any single wine. Some are complemented by white, others with red… however, a dry rose wine is capable of bridging the gap between the two varieties.

Malbec with barbecue

Barbecue is a distinct and often overpowering flavor. In light of that, the subtleties of many wines can get buried beneath the sweet, tangy notes of barbecue sauce. For a wine capable of standing up and standing out, try a bold Malbec.

Cabernet Sauvignon with red meat

Pairing a wine with red meat, such as steaks or chops, can prove challenging due to the lingering flavors of the meat. Rather than serving your dish with a palate refreshing sorbet, try a Cabernet Sauvignon whose firm tannins will help to cleanse your diners’ palates with every sip.

Chardonnay with fatty fish

While Chardonnay is well-suited for most fish dishes, it is particularly excellent when paired with fatty fish such as salmon, whitefish and tuna. Chardonnay’s dry, fruity flavor helps to cut through the oil content of the fish and lends the dish a crisp, fresh taste.

At Vintage Wine Company, we offer more than 300 wines from over 15 different locales. No matter what you’re serving in your restaurant, we can assure you: we’ve got a wine that will work with it. If you’re looking to put together a wine tasting menu or a paired menu, contact one of our representatives today and we’ll help you find the perfect pairings.

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