5 Tips for Creating a Successful Wine Menu for Your Restaurant


A successful wine menu is developed over time. Just like the wines it offers, it is the result of dedication, experimentation and years of refinement. From an inexpensive red wine to an extravagant chardonnay, every decision is tactical and imbued with purpose. But where do you start? How can you find a successful starting point for your wine list that will provide your restaurant with a solid foundation for future development? In this post, we’re going to provide you with a few tips that will help in the early stages of creating your restaurant’s wine list.

1. Tell a story

Much of the allure of wine lies in its history, origin and the journey from vine to table. Like your food, your wine menu gives visitors insight into your restaurant’s philosophy. If you offer high-end French cuisine, your wine list should reflect that by offering a collection of French wines such as those offered by Mas la Chevaliere, Clau De Nell and Chateau Simard.

2. Talk to your chef

By working with your chef, you ensure that your wine menu works in tandem with your food menu. Be sure that your list includes at least one option that can be paired with every dish that you offer.

3. Offer a diverse selection

While a good wine menu is focused, it is not so focused that it neglects to cater to a wide range of tastes. Red wines and white wines, Rieslings and merlots, your wine list should account for the varied tastes of your patrons.

4. Hit multiple price points

Similar to offering a varied selection of types, you shouldn’t restrict your wine offerings to a narrow price range. While it’s perfectly acceptable for your price points to fall in line with your food menu, it’s important to account for all of the points within that price range in order to appeal to the highest number of patrons.

5. Educate your staff

In order to take advantage of the coherency of your newly developed wine list, your staff needs to be in the loop. Help them sell the story, the pairings and the significance of your creation by making sure they’re aware of all of your menu’s offerings.

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