Expand Your Beverage Offerings with Unique Cocktail Mixes

Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix

Trust us when we say that we know that our clients love their wines! But, what if you’re looking to branch out? What if you’re considering adding high quality cocktails to your offerings? If that’s the case, we’re happy to say that Vintage Wine Company carries a diverse selection of top notch mixes. Cocktails, by and large, are an extremely profitable option to pursue. In fact, many restaurants report that they represent a greater share of profits than food and, in some cases, other alcoholic beverages. In this post, we’re going to look at two of our top selling cocktail mixes.

Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix

Available in both traditional and “Sneaky Hot” versions, Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix is a bold, premium blend of vegetables, herbs and spices. With the “Sneaky Hot” option offering a spicy kick courtesy of added peppers, customers are sure to flock to the tangy, authentic kick of a well-made Bloody Mary.

Dr. Swami & Bone Daddy’s Top-Shelf Margarita Mix

A self-proclaimed “Anti-Insanity Tonic,” Dr. Swami & Bone Daddy’s margarita mix offers a perfect balance of citrus and sugars with no artificial flavors added. Around the globe, margarita lovers have praised the mix’s authenticity and, more importantly, its top shelf flavor.

Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix

The Bloody Mary was always one of the most difficult cocktails for the restaurant and bar industry because consistency in taste was difficult to achieve and it was time-consuming to make. That all changed in 1996, when Zing Zang founder Richard Krohn bottled his signature Bloody Mary recipe and began distributing it throughout the country. “We had a sale because of the taste,” National Sales Manager T.M. Ashcraft says. “I have been in the restaurant business all my life and we had used mixes prior to Zing Zang, but you always had to add things. With Zing Zang all you need is ice, vodka and a paying customer.” Zing Zang was formally introduced in 1997 at the National Restaurant Association’s annual show in Chicago. One year later, the Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix took first place in a blind Bloody Mary tasting at the Fiery Food Challenge in Albuquerque, N.M.

At Vintage Wine Company, we offer over three hundred high quality wines to local outlets and restaurants. As one of the leading wine distributors in Michigan, we take our commitment to carrying the best wines seriously. From traditional Italian wines to top shelf cocktail mixes, we’re certain that you’ll be able to find exactly the product that your establishment needs!

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