Warm Up with Fine Wines from Vintage Wine Company on a Cold and Rainy Day

Fine Wine

It’s official: summer is on its way out and the cold, damp weather of fall is about to start settling in. When the leaves start separating from the trees, the rain starts falling, and the windows start clouding with atmospheric moisture, there’s only one way to while away a lazy evening: with good company and fine wine. But, when the mood strikes, what wines should you have on hand? What are the best cold weather wines? In today’s post, we’re going to take a look at a handful of possibilities and, more importantly, how to best enjoy them.

Pinot noir

A cold-weather classic, Pinot noir is a great complement to a cold evening. When paired with a hearty stew or chili, it’s even better. As far as relaxing nights go, what better way to wind down than beside a fireplace, surrounded by friends, a warm stew and a glass Pinot noir in hand?


Looking for an aged wine? Something that has a little bit of bite and is capable of holding its own against rich, wintery dishes like roasted vegetables and meats? Chardonnay is the fine wine that you’re looking for!


If you trend toward simpler preparations, Champagne is the wine for you. Great when paired with simple cheese plates, chocolates, and other “packaged” desserts, Champagne is a grab-and-go answer to the perennial question, “What should we do tonight?”

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