Waiting out Winter with Fine Wines from Vintage Wine Company

Fine Wine

After a brief reprieve, winter is back and, with it, the demand for warm, fine wines suited to the cold weather. There’s just something soothing about ending the day by reclining next to the fireplace, at the dinner table, or on the couch with a delicious, relaxing glass of wine while watching the snow fall outside. Whether you’re a dabbler or a connoisseur, you can be confident that Vintage Wine Company stocks and distributes a vast selection of wines that you – and your clients – will love. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a handful of winter wines that will help you stay warm – and relaxed – during this cold, blustery winter season.

Oaked Chardonnay

To stay warm, sometimes you need a full-bodied wine. Oaked Chardonnays offer deep, complex profiles filled with a range of flavors, from tropical fruit, butterscotch, and vanilla. If you’re looking for a fine wine that will remind your taste buds that they’re still working, oaked Chardonnay is the perfect option.


One of the world’s most popular wines – and for good reason – Bordeaux is a great compliment to other wintery flavors. With notes of licorice, chocolate, blackberry, plum, and jam, it is an excellent wine to pair with sweets after a long day.


With a range of nuanced flavors, Malbec is an extremely complex wine that offers fruity, floral, and oaky flavors. If you’re looking for a deep, flavorful wine, look no further than a good Malbec.

At Vintage Wine Company, we want all of our customers to stay warm during this cold winter season. If you’ve been searching for the perfect wine to complement an evening in, you can be sure that we stock something that will meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss our brands and, more importantly, how we can help you choose the perfect wine to satisfy any palate!

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