Warm Up This Winter with Delicious, Fine Wines from Vintage Wine Company

Fine Wines

If you’re a resident of Michigan, you’ve likely noticed that the state’s about to completely skip over fall and barrel right into winter. That’s right, we’re in for another six months of cold, snowy weather that’s sure to kick us into hibernation mode. There’ll be snow, there’ll be ice, there’ll be power outages, and there’ll be hazardous road conditions. But, not all is lost! With the cold weather comes an urge to stay inside, to take things slower, and to enjoy moments with our friends and family. And, when those moments occur, why not celebrate them with a delicious, fine wine from Vintage Wine Company?


Malbec is a complex wine that features a range of flavors, including fruity, floral, and oaky, Merging to form a deep, rich taste that pairs well with any number of winter foods, this wine is great if you’re looking for a potent way to start – or end – your evening.


Immensely popular and beloved by chefs throughout the world, Bordeaux is a delicious, sweet wine that offers hints of plum, jam, licorice, and chocolate. Paired well with sweets, It’s an ideal complement to a snowy night, a warm fireplace, and a gathering of friends.


A full-bodied wine, chardonnay’s profile is packed with flavor, including fruit, vanilla, and butterscotch. All excellent pairings for winter foods – especially desserts! – these flavors combine to form a rich, deeply complex wine. If you only grab one fine wine for winter, you certainly can’t go wrong with chardonnay!

At Vintage Wine Company, our aim is to provide our customers with all of the wines they need for their restaurants, organizations, events, and homes. If you’ve been searching for a supplier that will work with you to discover the best wines available, contact us today!

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