Celebrate Thanksgiving with Help from the Top Michigan Wine Distributor

Michigan Wine Distributor

With Thanksgiving on the way, families across Michigan are thinking about their festivities. From menu planning and oven scheduling to interior decorations and wine selections, people often rely upon the advice of experts to see them through. Maybe they tune in to Food Network to scout some recipes. Or, perhaps they’re pouring over design blogs for unique holiday decorating schemes. But, who do you ask for advice on wine selection? Who can help you pick wines that will complement your Thanksgiving meal? Well, if you’re here, you already know the answer! As the premier Michigan wine distributor, Vintage Wine Company is an expert in wine pairings!

Let’s not kid ourselves, Thanksgiving is a holiday built around hearty, heavy, savory dishes. Enormous turkeys that take an entire day to cook, barrels of macaroni and cheese, buckets of mashed potatoes, and countless other starchy (but delicious) sides. Because of the heaviness of Thanksgiving foods, you need a bold, strong wine that can stand up to — and work with — your menu. For this reason, we recommend a Zinfandel. Zinfandels offer fruity, sweet flavors that are potent enough to rise above — but not overpower — heavy foods. They also work extremely well alongside common Thanksgiving spices — allspice, cinnamon, and sage — and can act as a substitute for cranberry sauce.

If you’re also looking for a good wine to pair with Thanksgiving desserts, you can’t go wrong with Moscato. Another sweeter wine, it offers floral notes that pair well with some great cold-weather classics, like apple cobbler and bread pudding. As a way to segue into post-dinner conversation — or football, if that’s your thing — Moscato is an excellent option.

At Vintage Wine Company, we strive to act as the area’s most trusted Michigan wine distributor. If you’re looking to throw a celebration to remember this Thanksgiving, we encourage you to check out the rest of our blog, learn about the wines we carry, and contact us with any questions you may have!

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