Experience Michigan Wines with Selections from Mackinaw Trail Winery

Mackinaw Trail Winery

More and more, consumers want to support their local economy, especially when it comes to artisanal products. If you’re looking to create a wine menu that showcases the best that Michigan’s vineyards have to offer, look no further than Mackinaw Trail Winery.

Founded in Manistique in 2004, Mackinaw Trail Winery is a family-owned business that grew from the dreams of owners Ralph and Laurie Stabile. Ralph fondly remembered making wine with his grandfather, a Sicilian immigrant, and harbored a dream of one day owning his own winery. Since its founding, Mackinaw Trail has become one of the fastest growing wineries in Michigan, a testament to the company’s broad and lasting appeal to all manner of wine aficionados.

With 30 acres of land, half of which is devoted to grapes, the facility at Mackinaw Trail has been awarded over 50 medals and 6 best of class awards. Furthermore, as the winery has enjoyed year after year of success, the Stabile’s have focused on giving back to the community. Donating to local nonprofits and agriculture throughout the state, Mackinaw Trail has earned its reputation as a conscientious and forward-thinking winery.

Producing a range of wines, from the award-winning North Shore Red, a sweet, refreshing port wine to traditional dry white wines, Mackinaw Trail’s comprehensive offerings can fit comfortably on nearly any restaurant wine menu. To learn more about what the Stabile family has planned or to view Mackinaw Trail’s product line, hop on over to their site and enjoy, among other things, the serene landscape of one of Michigan’s leading vineyards.

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