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With Summer Barbecues in Full Swing, Learn How to Pair Wine and Grilled Foods

Wine Pairing

It's that time of year! We've wheeled our grills out of the garage or – if you're running a restaurant – fired up the line in preparation for some delicious, savory barbecued foods. An American tradition, barbecued foods have become a mainstay during the summer. From baby back ribs and pulled pork to bratwurst and hotdogs, there's an entire culinary world inside every grill. But, when dusk falls and the grills are smoking, what are the best wine pairings for grilled foods? What is the best way to complement barbecued meats? What wines will best highlight your amazing grilling abilities while also leaving your guests refreshed and satisfied?

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Add Some Variety to Your Wine Menu with Lost Vineyards Sangria

Restaurant Wine Menu

Looking to add a little panache to your restaurant wine menu? Want to give your patrons something fresh to talk about this summer? Offering sangria with your food menu is a great way to both complement your restaurant's dishes and introduce your clientele to new flavor profiles. Typically made from red wine and chopped fruits – such as lemon, lime, apple, berries, grape, kiwi or mango – sangria is a sweet, chilled beverage that is traditionally served during the spring and summer months where its citrusy flavors perfectly complement the warmer climate.

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Bookend Your Menu of Quality Foods by Pairing Them with Quality Wines

Quality Wine

Most good meals are separated by moments of rest. In these moments, we confer with our guests, we hold discussions, we commune with one another and, perhaps most importantly, we enjoy fine drinks. Meals begin with an appetizer, then an interim, then a main course, then an interim, then conclude with dessert. In each of these interims, our meals are bookended by company and wine. In many ways, the wines that we drink are more important than the meals that we eat because they facilitate discourse. They create a bond across the table, bridging generations and generating lines of discussion.

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The Best Wine Pairings to Complement Michigan’s Wild Game

Wine Pairing

With spring in sight, hunters across the state are gearing up for weeklong ventures into the forest, days spent in deer blinds, and hours drifting on placid lakes. Hunting season brings with it some of Michigan's most prized delicacies: venison, duck, and wild fish. But, if you intend to create wine pairings with these items, what should you plan for? What wines go best with rich, gamey venison? What pairs well with bluegill? In today's post, we're going to take a look at three of Michigan's most commonly hunted – and fished – meats and discuss how you can accentuate their flavors with a great wine.

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While We’re All Waiting for Spring, Start Planning Your Restaurant Wine Menu

Restaurant Wine Menu

After a brief reprieve, cold weather is rolling back in and it's clear that spring is still a few months away. While that means you can't count on dining outdoors for the time being, it doesn't mean that you can't start planning your restaurant wine menu. A season of fresh foods and light meals, spring demands lighter, more acidic wines and sweet, aromatic wines. In today's post, we're going take a look at a handful of wines that are certain to pair wonderfully with your restaurant's spring menu.

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Ring in the New Year with Delicious, High-Quality Wines from Vintage Wine Company

High Quality Wines

Every year, gatherings across the country celebrate the New Year. Bringing together family and friends, coworkers and acquaintances, the holiday is one of the most lavish – and often one of the most raucous – of the year. It's no surprise, then, that wines and spirits are often an essential ingredient in any successful New Year's party. Whether you're spending a quaint evening in with your loved ones while sipping on a delectable Riesling or you're dancing the night away at a club with friends, ordering a few – or more than a few – bottles of champagne, New Year's wouldn't be New Year's without a bottle of wine.

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The Perfect Wines to Pair with Your Restaurant’s Holiday Feasts

Restaurant Wine Menu

During the holidays, restaurants around the country remain open to offer exclusive, comprehensive holiday menus. Designed for patrons that prefer convenience or – more often – lack the time to cook a six course meal for their entire extended family, these restaurant menus often include all of the standard holiday fare: roasted meats, candied vegetables, mashed potatoes and gravy. But, if you've decided to offer a special holiday menu, how can you really wow your customers? How can you ensure that they have a memorable experience? Today, we're going to help you craft a delicious wine menu to pair with your holiday feasts.

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with ChocoVine, a Premium Dutch Chocolate Wine

Restaurant Wine Menu

After a great meal – or a long night – many diners want to cap the evening off with a sweet finish. That's the whole reason we have dessert menus, right? So why not, alongside your dessert offerings, include a delicious, sweet drink that will satisfy that same craving? Luckily, Vintage Wine Company has just the thing that you need!

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Experience the Rich, Seductive Radiance of Cristal 2009

Cristal 2009

96+ pts. "Rich, radiant and totally seductive, the 2009 Cristal possesses a remarkable depth and striking purity. I have often felt that Cristal is released too young, but that is not at all the case with the 2009, a Champagne that is absolutely glorious today. The ripeness of the vintage comes through in spades in the wine's luxurious, enveloping personality. I remember tasting the vins clairs and the Cristal blend back in the spring of 2010. The finished wine is every bit as alluring as those early tastings suggested it would be. The 2009 is a superb Cristal in the making."

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Wines for Winter: Pairing Delicious Dishes with a Deliciously Classic Wine Menu

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With winter on its way, it's time to start thinking of new offerings for your wine menu. Gone are the light wines of summer and spring, replaced instead with full-bodied red wines that can hold their own when paired with the rich, hearty dishes that winter diners love. If you're updating your food menu, opting to offer cold weather classics, including meat-heavy stews, richly roasted root vegetables or fiery, spice-laden soups, it's also time to consider updating your wine menu. In this post, we're going to take a closer look at a few of our favorite winter wines.

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