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Enjoy a Taste of Italy with Stefano Farina Wines

Wine Distributor

If you've been looking for the perfect wine pairing for your restaurant's Italian dishes, look no further than the wines on offer from Stefano Farina Wines. With vineyards and cellars in the world's most renowned locations – including Tuscany, Piedmont and Puglia – Stefano Farina Wines was opened in 1941 and, since that time, has grown to become one of the most prestigious wine sellers in the industry. Offering a wide selection of white wines and red wines, dry wines and sweet wines, Stefano Farina Wines is certain to have a match for your restaurant's most popular dishes. In this post, we're going to take a closer look at a few of the wines that the company has on offer.

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Introducing La Catrina Vino

La Catrina Vino

Introducing the newest brand in the Vintage Wine Company portfolio.

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Add Some International Flair to Your Menu with Hakushika Sake

Restaurant Wine Menu

From time to time, restaurants look to expand their horizons. Crossing borders – even oceans – to find flavorful, exciting new additions to their menu, they seek out rare spices, prized cuts of meat and other delectable ingredients. In such cases, a fitting accompaniment must be discovered: a suitable wine menu must be crafted so that the restaurant's patrons can experience a complete, complex and deeply rewarding meal.

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A Closer Look at Sonoma Estate Vintners

Sonoma Estate Vintners

Originally founded in 1979 in Northern California, Sonoma Estate Vintners is a leading provider of contract bottle services and custom private label wines. From their production facility, a sprawling, lavish estate located in the Valley of the Moon in Santa Rosa, the vintner prides itself on unparalleled customer service and a team of skilled, knowledgeable winemakers.

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Expand Your Beverage Offerings with Unique Cocktail Mixes

Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix

Trust us when we say that we know that our clients love their wines! But, what if you’re looking to branch out? What if you’re considering adding high quality cocktails to your offerings? If that’s the case, we’re happy to say that Vintage Wine Company carries a diverse selection of top notch mixes. Cocktails, by and large, are an extremely profitable option to pursue. In fact, many restaurants report that they represent a greater share of profits than food and, in some cases, other alcoholic beverages. In this post, we’re going to look at two of our top selling cocktail mixes.

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White Wines 101

White Wine 101

With hundreds of varieties of wine white grapes, there’s as much white wine information to learn about as there are white wine grapes planted in all corners of the globe. That being said, you’ll likely encounter only a handful of these grapes most often. In this white wine basics section, we cover the flavor profiles and regions of the most common white wine grapes. You can certainly choose to discover more beyond this short list, but for a quick and easy white wine 101, the following will fit the bill:

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Vegan Friendly Wines

Vegan Wine List

In order to be Vegan, the wine making process cannot come in contact with any animal-derived products.  During routine winemaking process, the liquid is filtered through substances called fining agents. This process removes protein, yeast, cloudiness, off flavors and organic particles.

Popular animal-derived (Non Vegan) fining agents are egg whites, blood, bone marrow, casein (milk protein), chitin (fiber from crustacean shells), fish oil, gelatin (animal parts),

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Support Sustainable Viticulture with Wines from Rutherford Wine Company

Rutherford Wine Company

One of the biggest trends in restaurants, these days, is sustainability. Local sourcing of produce, meat and seafood, as well as purchasing local, organic greens is on the rise. In addition to this, there has been a concerted effort by the industry to reduce food waste and environmental impact. If your restaurant is focused on sustainability, you may be excited to hear that there are a number of great, eco-friendly vineyards out there. One such vineyard, run by Rutherford Wine Company, offers an expansive line of sumptuous, high quality wines that are all produced using “ecologically far-sighted viticulture” methods.

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Experience Michigan Wines with Selections from Mackinaw Trail Winery

Mackinaw Trail Winery

More and more, consumers want to support their local economy, especially when it comes to artisanal products. If you’re looking to create a wine menu that showcases the best that Michigan’s vineyards have to offer, look no further than Mackinaw Trail Winery.

Founded in Manistique in 2004, Mackinaw Trail Winery is a family-owned business that grew from the dreams of owners Ralph and Laurie Stabile. Ralph fondly remembered making wine with his grandfather, a Sicilian immigrant, and harbored a dream of one day owning his own winery.

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Lodi Estates and Oak Ridge Winery Deliver at 2015 International Wine Awards


Vintage Wine Company prides itself on working with vineyards, wineries and suppliers that produce the world’s finest wines. From Cabernet Sauvignons and Rieslings to Chardonnays and Merlots, we are the premier supplier of wines to restaurants in Michigan and the Metro Detroit area. This year, we’re excited to celebrate with one of our most popular suppliers, Lodi Estates – part of the Oak Ridge Winery – who delivered an amazing performance at this year’s San Francisco International Wine Awards. These are two wines that we offer that were award winners:

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